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Butters in Hot Weather

Leria Beverly

Welcome back

This blog post is going to be short and sweet! So butters are a hit, an all time favorite. They are used for multiple skin conditions, or natural hair care moisture regimens/scalp care. Some companies sell theirs only in the winter, while others sell them year round. We are one of those companies! Our customers love our butters so much that we sell them all year. However, in the summer or hot weather, there is a disclaimer. Due to the high temperatures outside, in certain postal offices, and mailboxes, butters do melt. It's not something that can be avoided, no matter what ingredients you add (unless you want us to pump them with chemical additives). We do have this disclaimer in the FAQ page, but since some do not bother to visit it, we made it a blog! The million dollar question is, what to do when you receive a melted butter?

First, don't panic. It melting does not mean its ruined. The ingredients are still the same, the quality is still the exact same, but the consistency is not. Now I wont get into too much chemistry about liquid, oil, and gas stages...but you get my gist! Butters are a combination of liquid oils and solid oils at room temperature, and each solid has a melting point. On the flip side, they also re-solidify! Yay! All you have to do in case you have a melted butter, is plop it in the freezer for an hour or leave it in the refrigerator overnight. This will bring it back to solid form and then you can use it, no problem. Now the whip appeal (hehe) will be gone, meaning the whipped texture you saw online. It will be more like a balm or regular cream. 

We whip our butters, so they are huge and fluffy like clouds. Whipping with a mixer adds air which creates volume. When a butter melts, this goes away. No worries, if you must have that "fluffy whipped cream" texture, all you have to do is re-whip it yourself with an electric hand mixer. You can find these at Walmart for as low as $6.00 if you aren't already a baker of course. You do this when the butters have re-solidified in the freezer or fridge. Now if this all sounds like too much, you can just use it AS IS after it's solid. REALLY the only difference is appearance/volume. If it bothers you that much, do not purchase during hot weather months. In cool or lightly warm seasons, this does not happen. You won't have to do this because your butters will come just as you saw them.

We also have a video on how to do this on our Instagram and Facebook handle that you can watch, its super easy. I hope this information was useful, and you can always shoot us a message if you have more questions. Thanks for chiming in!

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