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What are the LBC/LCB Methods?

Leria Beverly

Hi there! So remember in the first blog post where I said there was a "method to the madness"? I'm going to explain that. Today's blog is going to be about my modified methods for moisturizing natural hair. Now, these acronyms may sound familiar to you because they are. LBC/LCB are refined from the LOC/LCO methods. LOC/LCO are the original methods to moisturizing natural hair properly. The acronyms stand for: Liquid or Leave-in, Oil, and Curl moisturizer/ Liquid or Leave-in, Curl Moisturizer, and Oil. There are two because one works better for low porosity hair types (LOC), and one works better for high porosity hair types (LCO). However, the one that is most effective for you depends on your hair's moisture needs. Low-porosity hair types tend to omit the C in the LOC since too much product can cause a build up on this hair type. Anyways, that's another blog for another day. So what is the LBC/LCB and why the modification?

I redefined this method because after five years of being natural, I realized something remarkable. Natural hair is able to hold moisture longer when a heavier kind of oil is used. Butters are a huge hit in my product line because of the benefits they provide for natural hair, scalp, and skin. Their use on natural hair works as the O in the original methods (LOC/LCO). So my renovated version is LBC/LCB which stands for: Liquid or Leave-in, Butter, Curl Moisturizer/ Liquid or Leave-in, Curl Moisturizer, Butter. You may be wondering what a butter is if you didn't read the last blog post. As described there, butters are a combination of oils in their solid and liquid forms. It creates a thick and creamy finish that melts in your hands when rubbed together. On the flip side, it melts into your hair when applied. Butters are not to get confused with curl moisturizers and curl creams. These are the C's in the methods and provide additional moisture next to the leave-in conditioner. 

So what makes the "butter" different from using regular oil? Well, imagine eating broccoli every day as your veggie serving. It has great benefits right? It's healthy, sure. But wouldn't it be better to eat a combination of different veggies instead of the same veggie? You would get many more health benefits by eating a variety of vegetables and fruits instead of one specific vegetable or fruit when you eat. So it's the same way when comparing a single oil use to butters. Butters are a combination of many different beneficial oils! Some oils are strengthening, some stimulate hair growth, some fight brittleness, dryness, etc. I have found that using butters as your sealant in the methods listed above enhances the methods x100! Your hair will thank you. 

Technically, you are still using the original methods but it's like the 2.0 version. Butters are truly the undiscovered wonder bread of the natural hair movement, and for my allergen people, there is a butter for you. With Jiri Naturals, we do have a Shea butter and Coconut oil based butter and one that is free of both. So there is something for everyone! Besides, who doesn't love a product they can use on their hair and skin? It's a two in one, so you win either way! I hope I explained this well and until next blog, Adios!

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