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Flawless Face Kit

Jiri Naturals

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Flawless Face Kit
Flawless Face Kit

This lovely kit includes four products for the face that aims to give you flawless and healthy skin. Whether you wear makeup or like to go all natural, everyone deserves a smooth & airy canvas. The kit includes your choice of facial cleanser, your choice of a herbal scrub for exfoliation, a Rosewater & Lime Toner, and your choice of a face cream for moisture and replenishment. Keep in mind when choosing that each scrub and face cream have different benefits, so choose according to your needs. Please place your choices in a note at checkout. If you do not, a random variation will be chosen for you.


  • Wet face and apply Cleanser with fingertips.
  • Massage cleanser into face with an instrument of choice such as hands, a spin brush, or a small rubber handheld scrubby.
  • Rinse cleanser from face and leave face wet for herbal scrub application.
  • Scoop desired amount of herbal scrub out with wooden spatula, and massage into face gently with hands (Let the scrub do the work. Do not scrub vigorously with hands!)
  • Rinse scrub off with water and pat face dry with a small towel. Exfoliating does not have to be done every day. 3 to 4x a week is a good rule of thumb.
  • Apply Rosewater toner with a cotton round and wipe face & neck. You can also mist the toner onto face and fan dry afterwards for extra measure.
  • Finally, apply the facial cream of your choice to the face and neck. 
  • Use consistently to see desired results. 

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