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Marshmallow & Ambunu Detangling Melt

Jiri Naturals

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Marshmallow & Ambunu Detangling Melt

The Marshmallow & Ambunu Detangling Melt is a slippery leave-in conditioner that is especially formulated for melting away tangles. The product contains a blend of ayurvedic herbs for superb hair health and promotes hair repair. It is also moisturizing and is an excellent curl defining aid. Size 8 oz. To retain moisture up to 6 days, follow up use with the Fluffy Puff Hair Butter. 

Expiration: 6+ months from delivery date.

Ingredients: Aloe Vera Juice, Illipe Butter, Tucumu Butter, Avocado Oil, Ambunu Herbs, Marshmallow Root, Blackstrap Molasses, Ginger Root, BTMS, Varisoft, Marula Oil, Olive Sil, GuarCat, Hydroxy Ethyl Cellulose, VegeKeratin, Preservative, Scented Oil. 

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