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The Complete Yoni Experience

Jiri Naturals

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The Complete Yoni Experience

If you're looking for healthy, non-toxic Feminine Hygiene products, then you've found the treasure chest! Our new Complete Yoni Experience bundle is sure to meet and exceed your expectations. First, let us educate you. Many brands claim to sell yoni products that cure & prevent Bacterial Vaginosis, Yeast Infections, and UTI's. These claims are false. Although you can treat the EXTERNAL symptoms of a yeast infection, all of these ailments must be cured internally. There is no way skin care and personal hygiene products can do this. Also, sex or pregnancy can cause these problems which means cleanliness is not a totally preventative measure. Keeping clean and dry does help prevent at times but there are other factors that can contribute to causing these ailments. Please visit a trusted gynecologist for proper treatment. 

Now, lets explore the benefits of using our herbal yoni care! The combination of these products target the following: External vaginal odor, ingrown hair, uneven skin tone, external irritation or itching, removal of dead skin cells, and promotion of overall vaginal health. This bundle can be used daily and will keep you fresh for the entire day! Here's what's included:

  • The Honey Comb Yoni Wash (intense cleanser)
  • The Honey Comb Yoni Scrub (exfoliate)
  • Aloe Grapefruit Yoni Bar (gentle soap)
  • Wild Fruits Yoni Oil (moisturizer)
  1. First, cleanse your Vulva with either the soap or yoni wash. Either can be used depending on the level of freshness needed. Use a clean towel for the soap and a clean mesh loofa for the yoni wash.
  2. Next, exfoliate the vulva with the Honey Comb Yoni Scrub. This includes the bikini area, the creases where the thighs meet the vulva, and the front surface of the vulva. Rinse thoroughly. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells and bacteria that may be causing odor. 
  3. You have the option to cleanse one more time after exfoliating.
  4. After the shower, pat area/creases dry to ensure no water is left behind. Do not rub vigorously. Apply a few drops of Wild Fruits Yoni Oil to clean hands and rub on these areas: the bikini lines, creases where the thigh and vulva meet, front surface of vulva, and right above clitoral hood. Do not rub oil inside the vagina or on the internal lips. 


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