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The Role of Oils/Butters for your Natural Hair

Leria Beverly

For many new and seasoned naturals, it can be frustrating finding a regimen to moisturize your hair. You may be overwhelmed by the never ending product choices and oil varieties. There is also a misconception that simply applying large quantities of oil/butter to natural hair does the trick. Although there are many benefits to using oils/butters, this is not the way to access them. To also clear up any confusion, oils and butters are the same thing. Butters are actually oils in solid form and are often a combination of more than one kind of oil. So technically using a butter will guarantee you more benefits than using a single oil. Nonetheless, getting them to work for your hair is simpler than you think. Once you know the true role of oils/butters and how they perform, you will know how to moisturize your hair properly. In this blog, you will find some key points to help you understand the role of oils/butters. 

  1. Oils/Butters do not moisturize hair alone. They add additional moisture and seal the moisture in that you've already applied. In order for them to work, you have to be using the LOC/LCO methods. Otherwise, you will just be applying oil to dry hair and it will aid in this by sealing in dryness. Most naturals do not understand this and have dismissed some beneficial oils out of their regimen. We will discuss these methods more in the next blog.
  2. Oils/Butters help hold moisture into your hair for longer periods of time. Have you ever applied a curl cream to your hair, and twist it without adding anything else? After you take your hair down, it seems dry right? Well, that's because the moisture is gone. To keep your moisture locked in, apply a butter or oil after you've moisturized with a leave-in and curl cream. This keeps your hair hydrated without needing to reapply soon after. 
  3. Oils/Butters stimulate hair growth and have amazing scalp benefits. The reason why they are so beneficial for hair (in addition to sealing in moisture), is the effect they have on skin. The scalp is a part of your skin and your hair grows out of it. Since butters and oils are already beneficial for skin health, they increase the health of your scalp (the root of your hair). What benefits you reap depends on the types you are using. 

My conclusion: there is a method to the madness. When choosing a butter or oil to moisturize your hair, remember the methods in which to use them. Do not just slap them on your strands and expect a miracle. There are instructions for everything, so research, apply, and enjoy a flourishing fro!

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